Jul 292017

So…Friday is one of my favorite days, which probably goes without saying for most, but it was an especially good day for a variety of reasons…some of which I’ll share. 🙂

It started with what is now the typical cat-and-mouse game to see if I can get to work on time without having any train troubles (side-eye for you MTA), which I lost…again.

Lunch was one of my faves: chicken wings…yeah, baby!

It was a pretty quiet day at work and I was looking forward to Stitch & Kvetch at my Local Yarn Shop, Slip Stitch Needlecraft, to meet with like minds of my hive / yarn tribe.  I finished my hair tube with overdyed yarn from the Yarn Dyeing class last weekend.  Socializing, munching and sipping is the perfect way to end the day/week/month! 🙂

Didn’t hang out too late, and left with one of my buddies so we could travel together.  (B, that express turned back into a local five minutes later).  Turns out transit wasn’t done f’ing with me for the day.

While waiting considerably longer than usual for my next train (thanks again, MTA), I spotted a gorgeous tshirt in my periphery and interrupted the wearers’ stride to ask about it because it looked familiar.  I was right…it was a Sue Rock Originals tie-dye tshirt, of which I have the collarless version and it is the SOFTEST tshirt EVER!  We chatted for a few, then he and his friend went along their way.  (Hey DeVon and Mike!)

Finally had to take the local and change to yet another train to get back to my hood, then missed the bus and was too tired to make yet another stop for dinner (which became garlic plantain chips and vanilla coke).  At that point, I decided to cut my losses and take a cab from there because the next time I got up I wanted to be at my door.

All in all, it was still a fabulous Friday! 🙂


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