Feb 282018

March is National Craft Month, and to my delight, it is also National CROCHET Month, as deemed by the CGOA, the national association known as the Crochet Guild of America.

Because representation matters, I’m going to do something of a more promotional nature.  Recently, in organizing my respectable stash, I found that there were scarcely a few from black indie dyers and/or people of color.

Given the general history of most industries, I know y’all are out there, and I want to hear from you…whether local or worldwide.  I will dedicate a post to you at www.vcbtheblog.com upon receiving your info at von@voncrobead.com, so send me a blurb to share!

Please be sure to include your relevant details (name, photo, logo, contact info, website/page/blog url, what you feature or specialize in, etc.), and tell me as little or as much (but not TMI much) about your crocheting, crochet designing and yarn dyeing exploits!


Happy #NatCroMo2018 🙂

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