Black Indie Dyer Spotlight: Kitty Pride Fibers

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Mar 102018

Kitty Pride Fibers is a one-woman operation promoting Unity, Joy and Passion through Fiber Arts. Finding new inspiration and creating one-of-a-kind colors is what inspires me.


I love sharing my passion with the hands that touch my yarn. I love being able to spark the creativity in others and bring smiles to those around me.

(708)613-4456 business
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Black Indie Dyer Spotlight: Lady Dye Yarns

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Mar 042018

Allow me to introduce you to Diane of Lady Dye Yarns.

My company name is Lady Dye Yarns and the business is based in Boston, Massachusetts.

Representation matters in the crafting industry because diversity brings more creativity, vibrancy and community.

I’ve been dyeing yarn since 2010, but began taking it more seriously as a business since 2014.  All my yarn is graffiti art-inspired, and I love what I do!


It is my goal to talk more about diversity in the crafting industry in the hope that more men and women of color start businesses and become entrepreneurs.


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In The Spotlight: Me! :)

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Mar 012018

Hey, y’all!  Happy National Crochet Month!  My name is Yvonne, and I’m the Head Hooker at Vonne’s Crochet & Beading. 🙂

In addition to teaching and designing in crochet, I also bead crochet, bead weave, make chain maille jewelry and occasionally dabble in kumihimo and macrame…I also admit I knit 😉

Feel free to check my About Me page or friend me at any of my web presences: @vcbvon on Twitter and Instagram, VonVonne on Ravelry, @vcbmaille on Pinterest, VCBVonne on Facebook.

Here’s a link to my free patterns page; all my patterns are on Ravelry.  You may now return to your hopefully regularly scheduled crocheting or other crafting! 🙂



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Black Indie Dyer Spotlight: Natalie Jett of Knottee Fibers

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Mar 012018

My name is Natalie Jett aka the Knottee Hooker.

I have been hand dyeing yarn for almost 3 years now. I started out of curiosity after seeing it done on YouTube and I was immediately hooked. When I started, I used Kool-Aid, food coloring and Wilton’s icing as they were all readily available. I soon graduated to acid dyes as the colors tend to be much more vibrant and you can control the outcome better.

Most of what I dye is after an order is placed. I love the challenge of custom orders where a client tells me what colors they want and I get to create a thing of beauty for them.  The name of my Etsy store is KnotteeFibers.

I don’t have a logo yet as I want to find a graphic designer to design it.


The pink yarn and scarf were done this January using snow as a medium. I was so jealous of folks who were able to snow dye because in SC it snows every 8-10 years and it rarely sticks. Well, when we got snow I was tickled pink. I was outside scooping it and laughing like a loon! lol

The name of the colorway had to be Pinkpocalypse.

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