Mar 012018

My name is Natalie Jett aka the Knottee Hooker.

I have been hand dyeing yarn for almost 3 years now. I started out of curiosity after seeing it done on YouTube and I was immediately hooked. When I started, I used Kool-Aid, food coloring and Wilton’s icing as they were all readily available. I soon graduated to acid dyes as the colors tend to be much more vibrant and you can control the outcome better.

Most of what I dye is after an order is placed. I love the challenge of custom orders where a client tells me what colors they want and I get to create a thing of beauty for them.  The name of my Etsy store is KnotteeFibers.

I don’t have a logo yet as I want to find a graphic designer to design it.


The pink yarn and scarf were done this January using snow as a medium. I was so jealous of folks who were able to snow dye because in SC it snows every 8-10 years and it rarely sticks. Well, when we got snow I was tickled pink. I was outside scooping it and laughing like a loon! lol

The name of the colorway had to be Pinkpocalypse.

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