In The Spotlight: Me! :)

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Mar 012018

Hey, y’all!  Happy National Crochet Month!  My name is Yvonne, and I’m the Head Hooker at Vonne’s Crochet & Beading. 🙂

In addition to teaching and designing in crochet, I also bead crochet, bead weave, make chain maille jewelry and occasionally dabble in kumihimo and macrame…I also admit I knit 😉

Feel free to check my About Me page or friend me at any of my web presences: @vcbvon on Twitter and Instagram, VonVonne on Ravelry, @vcbmaille on Pinterest, VCBVonne on Facebook.

Here’s a link to my free patterns page; all my patterns are on Ravelry.  You may now return to your hopefully regularly scheduled crocheting or other crafting! 🙂



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New Pattern Alert!

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Feb 102018

Hey, y’all!  Just a drive-by post to let you know I just dropped a new CROCHET pattern on Ravelry!


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September 2017

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Sep 062017

Hey, y’all.  It’s time for another blog post…ok, I’m long overdue.

Now that the kids are going back to school and we’ve had a few cool days here and there, it’s time to get into some heavy duty yarnin’!  I crochet all year round (love thread and cotton when it’s warmer), but as long as I have a/c or a fan, I can work with anything!

It’s almost time for the New York City Yarn Crawl again, in which Slip Stitch Needlecraft will be participating again, so be sure to stop by…especially if you haven’t been there yet.  It’s my local yarn shop in the heart of Bed-Stuy! From out of town?  Make it a day trip 🙂

For my DC37 peeps and former students, it’s time for crochet classes to gear up for Fall; contact the office at 125 Barclay for details!  Be sure to register in advance starting this weekend and share with friends, family and former classmates!!!

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Crochet Pattern and Symbol Reading Class

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Jul 082017

Hey peeps!  Check out my new class:  Crochet Pattern and Symbol Reading!  Please register at Slip Stitch Needlecraft’s Verlocal page:

FYI:  my students are aware, but as a reminder / disclaimer:

Due to allergies, I respectfully request that students refrain from wearing fragrances.  Thank you! 🙂

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Stitches United 2017

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May 012017

So…Stitches is back on the East Coast; it’s now inclusive of other crafty ventures (sewing, quilting, etc.) and referred to as Stitches United.  Thanks to all the sponsors and everyone who had a hand in putting this back together!

‘East’ was the most convenient of the Stitches events for me.  It made for a great and affordable day trip, especially with a car full of yarn fanatics!  It was great to have the ‘new’ show back, but my focus remained on yarn and beads.

I took a couple of classes with The Shibaguyz, made new friends, saw some familiar faces, finally met FRANKLIN HABIT (yes, shouting because I was excited to meet him; LOVED his talk #FollowYourBunny) and some of my online friends IRL!!! I also got a chance to catch up with some my favorite vendors, and meet a few new ones, too; looking forward to ‘tasting’ my new finds!  I’m rejuvenated and looking forward to cranking out some more crochet designs!

Welcome back home, Stitches!!!

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Happy National Crochet Month 2017!

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Mar 012017

Once again, one of my favorite times of the year has come around again…National Crochet Month!!!

Every year I make an effort to stretch my crochet boundaries.  My goal is to learn something new, refine what I’ve learned or try and catch up on my projects! 😉

This year I invite you to join me for crochet demos at Slip Stitch Needlecraft, my local yarn shop.  Please see the shop’s Verlocal link for schedule.

In addition, I plan to post something crochet-related here on the blog every Friday to give you some inspiration for the weekend…and you could always check me out on Ravelry!

Happy Hooking!!!

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In Case You Missed It…

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Feb 222017

I’d piggybacked this on my earlier related post, so in case you missed it, I’m posting it separately here.

Greetings again, peeps!

For those of you who may be on the fence about donating, perhaps I can offer an alternative incentive.
Save 50% on my patterns from 2/14/2017 to 2/28/2017 using the coupon code #SaveMyHaven, which I will then donate to the cause. You must use the coupon code for the discount to show up in the cart, and please be mindful that there are no refunds on pattern purchases.

Please help me #SaveMyHaven!


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Vogue Knitting Live NYC 2017 – Day 3

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Jan 152017

I skipped Day 2 in the Marketplace; that’s why I missed a few of my yarnie peeps and I don’t have anything to report. 😉

Day 3:  Best. Day. EVAH!  I came…I worked…I WON!!!

A BIG thank you goes out to Tess Designer Yarns…if I wasn’t working with them today, I would not have caught up with some of my yarnie peeps, met and made some new yarnie friends, and won a 3-class package for next year’s VKL!!!


Thank you Vogue Knitting Live!  For those who know me, I don’t run.  However, when I heard my name called for a prize, I let out the biggest YES and took off like a shot to collect it!  I’m sure that was a sight to behold…and if you got pictures or video, please share with me or tag me in it, because #PicturesOrItDidntHappen 🙂

Thank you to the ladies who gave me their beads…and I didn’t even have to flash for them. 😉

Thanks to everyone who congratulated me.  I have a whole year to get my knit game up! 😮

BIG shout-out to #TeamTessYarns.  If you visited and/or shopped at Tess Designer Yarns, please be sure to follow and/or share pictures of your makes with them on Facebook and Instagram.  If you missed them this time around, look for them at other shows; visit for their show schedule.

Thank you to Europa Cafe for breakfast and dinner; that Penne Bolognese was two-thumbs-up!

Thanks again to everyone who crossed my path today, you have fed my soul and made it EPIC!


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Vogue Knitting Live NYC 2017

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Jan 082017

Calling all yarny, fibery and beady peeps…it’s that time again!  Vogue Knitting Live is coming back to town.!!! Click the link for details; check the Ravelry group for pockets of people looking to get together during the event.  Tell your friends and don’t miss it!

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Save The Date: October 8, 2016

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Oct 062016

It’s not too late…make plans to check out the Kings County Fiber Festival!


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Support. Network. Build.

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Aug 132016

These three words came to mind revolving around a discussion I’ve had in one form or another numerous times relating to local yarn shops: support. network. build.

Support for local businesses that serve their communities by providing new or improved services.  In support of each other, the LYS provides a creative outlet to the community, who can offer the stability of a core base in return.

Network with groups / organizations / communities by reaching out with activities, etc. where people can learn and socialize while doing something they enjoy.

Build a following by working together to strengthen the reciprocal commitment between business and community.

If these things sound similar, it’s because I think they complement each other and work together…like the circle of life in the yarn universe.

Mom taught me to both knit and crochet as a kid on Red Heart yarn, probably from Woolworths (a moment of silence, please); I’m sure many of us started out that way.  Fast forward several decades…I’m crocheting fairly regularly now, and know considerably more about yarns and such; most of which I’ve learned by researching things like fibers and their attributes, joining organizations, and attending classes / shows / events.

There’s the cost vs value debate.  I define cost as how much you pay and value as the worth of how much you get for what you pay.  Bear in mind that your LYS doesn’t operate like a chain store; they don’t have corporate backing and the owner(s) do not take an hourly salary for the time they spend in building their business.  The person / people who run it love what they do, but business is business just the same.  They generally teach and / or make an effort to invite teachers at a cost that they absorb.  I have traveled for classes, but always try to make an event where teachers come in from out of town, that way I can use the money I would have spent on travel for classes:  value.

When it comes to pricing, there may be a greater variety in price and your LYS, some of which can be based on fiber content, availability, season, etc.  While you may be able to find an item less expensive at a chain, part of the value of a LYS comes from the services they provide, such as alternative solutions, project assistance and camaraderie; again: value.

Your LYS peeps are knitters and / or crocheters (and maybe into other disciplines) like you, and want to share their love of fiber with like-minded people.  To that end, they strive to develop classes, events, etc. in order to engage creativity.

For more than a decade, I’ve had the opportunity to teach beginner to intermediate crochet at two LYS, as well as privately, and on other occasions.  My goal in that regard has always been to inform and educate, starting with a good foundation, covering fibers, stitches, tools, pattern reading, etc.  I trust that any of my students will vouch for me on this 🙂

I believe that even for people who already know how to crochet or have crocheted for years, there’s always something to be learned or refined, a new tip or trick for your skill tool box.  Push the boundaries of your comfort zone.  Branch out and amaze yourself!

To me, learning is a continuing process.  I still take classes too 🙂





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New crochet designs!

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Aug 072016

Just finished up a couple of new crochet hat patterns; they’re listed on my Ravelry page!

Slouchy Hat


Lucky Flower Hat


Also available as Saturday project classes at Slip Stitch Needlecraft; contact shop at 347-789-5371 to register in advance.

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