New Pattern Alert!

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Feb 102018

Hey, y’all!  Just a drive-by post to let you know I just dropped a new CROCHET pattern on Ravelry!


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VKLNY2018…the aftermath ;)

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Jan 152018


I have attempted to gather my thoughts on such a full weekend.

Friday:  worked the market at Tess’ Yarns, one of my ABSOLUTE favorite vendors.  It is no exaggeration when I say the colors and fibers are DELISH and the value can’t be beat!

Saturday: TWO CLASSES!  Shopped last year and put in my raffle tickets.  Since I was working at Tess’ Yarns (again…’cause I LOVE them!) on Sunday, I  was present when they called my name, and I won a Broadway Baby class package!!!

First class: Plug N Play Pullovers with Melissa Leapman…yes, it was a knit class 🙂

Second class:  Outlined Tunisian Diamonds with Lily Chin

Sunday:  Hip to be Square Mitered Squares with Melissa Leapman…yes, another knit class

My classroom buddy Violet (whom I adopted from @catherinesgirls) tagged along. I think my efforts met her approval 🙂

My friend Sahara Briscoe (@BronxChampion) has a great post with 7 pictures on Instagram. (Notes from the Knitiverse)

You can find the two free crochet patterns I dropped for Tess Designer Yarns at my Ravelry page:

Tess’ Two-Strand Hat


Kowl with a K

Thank you to everyone for stopping by, smiling and saying hi, sharing your work and your stories, supporting your local event or traveling for miles, shopping and getting to know the people and the yarns at the booth.  It was nice to see friends from the local crochet and knitting guilds, other familiar faces and meet so many new people.

And because…pictures or it didn’t happen:

Mr. Chipmunk from Annie & Co.

A shout out to the crew at Tess Designer Yarns; it was great to work with you again!  Until next time…


Happy Hookin’!


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VKLNY2018: It’s back!!!

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Jan 122018

…and so am I!  Looking forward to an especially good time at Vogue Knitting Live NY 2018…because in addition to seeing familiar faces and making new friends, I won a class package which I will be using to take three classes!

I also have a new free crochet hat pattern to debut; it’s available at Ravelry and you can see it in person at Tess Designer Yarns’ booth.  Stop by and say hi! 🙂


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My bid for CGOA Board Nomination

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Oct 312017

I didn’t make the cut for CGOA nominations…but the CGOA bylaws do state that additional nominations can be filed if accompanied by a petition signed by 5 other CGOA members in good standing, so…if you haven’t already 🙂  please sign this petition and email it back to me at  This will be my Halloween treat 😉

Thanks again!

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Upcoming Events at Slip Stitch Needlecraft

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Oct 102017

Hey, yarnie peeps!  Here’s a heads-up of some events just around the bend…

Join us for Oink Pigments’ Pop-Up Shop on Friday, October 13 from 5 to 8 pm.  Light refreshment of…wait for it…beer and pigs in a blanket! 😉

We’ll be celebrating I Love Yarn Day on Saturday, October 14 with free learn-to classes.  Please follow the links for knit or crochet class times; advance registration is required.

Don’t forget the regularly scheduled Stitch and Kvetch on the last Friday of the month.  That’s all for this month’s events; please follow this link for class listings.

Hope to see you soon and often! 🙂

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September 2017

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Sep 062017

Hey, y’all.  It’s time for another blog post…ok, I’m long overdue.

Now that the kids are going back to school and we’ve had a few cool days here and there, it’s time to get into some heavy duty yarnin’!  I crochet all year round (love thread and cotton when it’s warmer), but as long as I have a/c or a fan, I can work with anything!

It’s almost time for the New York City Yarn Crawl again, in which Slip Stitch Needlecraft will be participating again, so be sure to stop by…especially if you haven’t been there yet.  It’s my local yarn shop in the heart of Bed-Stuy! From out of town?  Make it a day trip 🙂

For my DC37 peeps and former students, it’s time for crochet classes to gear up for Fall; contact the office at 125 Barclay for details!  Be sure to register in advance starting this weekend and share with friends, family and former classmates!!!

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Fabulous Friday!

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Jul 292017

So…Friday is one of my favorite days, which probably goes without saying for most, but it was an especially good day for a variety of reasons…some of which I’ll share. 🙂

It started with what is now the typical cat-and-mouse game to see if I can get to work on time without having any train troubles (side-eye for you MTA), which I lost…again.

Lunch was one of my faves: chicken wings…yeah, baby!

It was a pretty quiet day at work and I was looking forward to Stitch & Kvetch at my Local Yarn Shop, Slip Stitch Needlecraft, to meet with like minds of my hive / yarn tribe.  I finished my hair tube with overdyed yarn from the Yarn Dyeing class last weekend.  Socializing, munching and sipping is the perfect way to end the day/week/month! 🙂

Didn’t hang out too late, and left with one of my buddies so we could travel together.  (B, that express turned back into a local five minutes later).  Turns out transit wasn’t done f’ing with me for the day.

While waiting considerably longer than usual for my next train (thanks again, MTA), I spotted a gorgeous tshirt in my periphery and interrupted the wearers’ stride to ask about it because it looked familiar.  I was right…it was a Sue Rock Originals tie-dye tshirt, of which I have the collarless version and it is the SOFTEST tshirt EVER!  We chatted for a few, then he and his friend went along their way.  (Hey DeVon and Mike!)

Finally had to take the local and change to yet another train to get back to my hood, then missed the bus and was too tired to make yet another stop for dinner (which became garlic plantain chips and vanilla coke).  At that point, I decided to cut my losses and take a cab from there because the next time I got up I wanted to be at my door.

All in all, it was still a fabulous Friday! 🙂


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Crochet Pattern and Symbol Reading Class

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Jul 082017

Hey peeps!  Check out my new class:  Crochet Pattern and Symbol Reading!  Please register at Slip Stitch Needlecraft’s Verlocal page:

FYI:  my students are aware, but as a reminder / disclaimer:

Due to allergies, I respectfully request that students refrain from wearing fragrances.  Thank you! 🙂

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Stitches United 2017

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May 012017

So…Stitches is back on the East Coast; it’s now inclusive of other crafty ventures (sewing, quilting, etc.) and referred to as Stitches United.  Thanks to all the sponsors and everyone who had a hand in putting this back together!

‘East’ was the most convenient of the Stitches events for me.  It made for a great and affordable day trip, especially with a car full of yarn fanatics!  It was great to have the ‘new’ show back, but my focus remained on yarn and beads.

I took a couple of classes with The Shibaguyz, made new friends, saw some familiar faces, finally met FRANKLIN HABIT (yes, shouting because I was excited to meet him; LOVED his talk #FollowYourBunny) and some of my online friends IRL!!! I also got a chance to catch up with some my favorite vendors, and meet a few new ones, too; looking forward to ‘tasting’ my new finds!  I’m rejuvenated and looking forward to cranking out some more crochet designs!

Welcome back home, Stitches!!!

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Save the Date: June 17, 2017 – Yarn Dyeing Workshop at Slip Stitch Needlecraft

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Apr 202017

Like to play with color?  Ever thought about having your own colorway?  Mark your calendars for this upcoming class; see this link for details!

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Slip Stitch Flash Sales

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Apr 102017

Sadly, Slip Stitch Needlecraft is closing its doors.

Here’s the link to the first Flash Sale; get yours…‘cause they’ll be gone in a flash!

From NOW (Monday, 4/10/17) through Wednesday, 4/12/17 at 9:00 a.m.

Susan Bates and Clover knitting needles are 50% off; remember to choose either low-cost shipping or in-store pick up.

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DC37 peeps and former students

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Apr 032017

Greetings, DC 37 peeps and former students!  Sending out a last call / reminder to sign up on Friday April 7 and Saturday April 8.  Advance registration is required for crochet classes starting on Saturday April 15 for ten weeks (excluding Memorial Day weekend).

DC37 Saturday Activities Spring 2017

Share with friends,  family and former classmates!  Contact the office at 125 Barclay for details.

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